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THAI SON MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD - THAISONMED would like to thank customers for your interest in our company!

Currently, THAISONMED is the official distributor of high-end product lines, such as 3M (USA), Matachana (Spain), Domus (Spain), Hawo (Germany), Mac Medical (USA), Ermis (Germany), Eline (Italy), Terragene (Argentina), Novaerus (Ireland), Halosil (USA)… with product quality that has been confirmed globally, we wish to create should be the ECOSYSTEM for CSSD, Laundry Area and Operating Room.

THAISONMED is made up by a team of more than 30 employees spread across 3 regions of the North - Central - South and the Board of Directors has extensive experience in the field of design, renovation as well as supply, warranty and maintenance of machinery and technology transfer. THAISONMED is committed to providing customers with the most useful solutions and experiences in terms of products and services.

THAISONMED aims to focus on the comprehensive development of the CSSD, providing a total solution with a one-way flow instrument handling model. With the motto "Accompanying Vietnam Infection Control" as well as wanting to bring benefits, trust and satisfaction to all customers, all officers and employees of THAISONMED have been and have always made unceasing efforts to self- perfect yourself. We believe that with our ability and enthusiasm, THAISONMED will be a reliable destination in the fields of CSSD, Laundry Area and Operating Room.

The solutions THAISONMED would like to introduce to customers include:

  • Free design consultation helps to provide flow drawings moving according to one-way process, 2D, 3D drawings, VR virtual reality... flexibly according to each Department, Room of the Hospital;

  • Build an optimal equipment portfolio with specialized calculation software;

  • Provide synchronous equipment for the Ecosystem: Infection CSSD, Laundry Area and Operating Room;

  • Construction, installation, transfer, repair and maintenance of equipment professionally and quickly;

  • Renovating and upgrading old faculties and rooms to meet the one-way process following the new trend;

  • Supply of chemicals, consumbles and spare parts for at least 10 years.

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